Respect for operational leaders

Deep respect for current operational leaders within the logistics services sector managing the supply for highly needed products. In today’s crazy times it is not a standard operations flow of products anymore. The entire distribution chain has radically shifted and every day has new challenges to deal with. Operation Leaders need to stay in control of this situation and this requires very strong leadership and motivation towards an insecure workforce. With maximum effort and very dedicated teams some organisations are showing strong flexibility, determination and swift operational execution to keep the distribution of highly needed products moving. Really impressive to see the flexibility within this sector at all levels within organisations.

Some examples we are seeing are:

  • Airlines who are using their aircraft to move cargo in passenger seats with some cargo flying first class.
  • Freight forwarders who are doing everything in their power to move highly needed medical equipment via own dedicated charter flights.
  • International road transportation companies who keep their vehicles in full operation to meet the required capacity of products that need to be delivered in time.
  • Local last mile distribution organisations who keep meeting the extreme demand for hospital distribution and home deliveries.
  • Many organisations who are doing everything in their power to keep the operational staff motivated through sharing their pride and taking extra care of the health and safety of their people.
  • Operations teams showing very strong planning skills to deal with the radical and constant changes within the supply chain process
  • Warehousing organisations who need to deal with enormous peaks for specific products are capable of keeping their operations running 24/7
  • Companies supplying supermarkets deal with incredible peaks to keep the flow of products moving

The Logistics Service Sector is a sector with thin margins and some companies will be heavily hit in these difficult times. However this is also a sector with so much flexibility and creativity that it always find ways to deal with challenging obstacles. At SCM Executives we always admire the strong operational leaders who are capable of finding the right and efficient solution to any challenge. And even more important are able to get it executed by steering and motivating their teams to deliver what is necessary to meet the high demand of the market. With an enormous passion to get it actually done. Company Directors and Company Owners cannot survive without these people who set the optimum direction for the operational process in any kind of circumstance. Really impressive to see this now again.

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