Commercial Creativity in challenging times

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

 We would like to address the creativity and flexibility that some of the senior sales leaders within Logistics Service Industry show. Through their drive and creativity, there are commercial leaders out there who are still capable to keep their companies busy in these insecure times. We have seen numerous examples of this, talking to some of our key customers:

Freight forwarding organisations who are capable of shifting their business focus by getting on the phone with current or potential customers asking how they can help getting their shipments moving. In working closely with the operation’s leadership and coming up with creative solutions.

Transport companies who are upscaling their inside sales organisation with the outside sales team and are simply “cold-calling” companies to offer their capacity, flexibility and knowledge to get products moving.

Commercial teams in network organisations who are working very closely together on a global scale to provide maximum customer service and sales attention to companies who need to move highly needed products such as hospital supplies and pharmaceuticals.

Commercial organisation who come up with creative ways to create goodwill in these difficult times. Not resulting in short term gains, but focussed on long term bonding with their clients.

Sales people with a close eye to the market are able to translate the needs of customers in these difficult times to the product development team and organisation, who in their turn are capable of putting together bespoke warehousing or transport solutions which can be introduced by the sales organisation in a swift manner.

Commercial organisations who do everything in their power to help their loyal clients. For instance, looking at ways to create more cost effective logistic solutions. Not always short term gain focussed, but purely appreciating the customer for their loyalty over the past years and supporting them in difficult times to eventually come out of this stronger together.

We always admire commercial leadership talent within the Logistics Service Industry who refuse to surrender and find ways to still be successful in difficult times. Very impressive to see this also in the current situation. Where some companies fall over you see others rise because of their capability to jump into the right niche. So not by offering the standard product, but by being capable of truly understanding the customer’s needs in these challenging times and work together with product development and operations to develop success formulas in times when no one really expects it.

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