'Social Engagement' is important to us.

SCM Executives is very engaged with Stichting4Life. Their direct approach, with clear results, have lead us to be highly supportive of S4L. From our privileged position, we feel a moral duty to give people who were born and raised in the slums of Africa a chance to develop themselves and eventually be able to be independent. We achieve this by being involved in different ways within the foundation in the Netherlands but also very much so in Kenya.
  • Stichting4Life primarily focuses on children in the largest slum of Kenya: Kibera. Through guidance and schooling this new generation will be able to break the spiral of poverty. Research has shown, that every year of schooling will result in 8% higher income in the future.
  • Education is only useful when the home situation is good. Without a house, food on the table and a safe environment, children will not be able to finish their education successfully.
  • To improve the home situation for children, Stichting4Life creates jobs for the mothers. The foundation produces and sells jewelry and fabric items. There are microcredits available for mothers and guardians who receive support from Stichting4Life. These credits are available not for individuals but for groups. The ‘repayment rate’ is therefore very high. Through the individual company-guidance, many self-employed people are able to run a successful small company.
  • Some of the mothers and guardians are HIV-positive. Therefor regularly children loose their (only) caretaker. The social worker arranges shelter with family or neighbors and support the family who takes care of the orphan.
  • By exporting Fairtrade products to the Netherlands (under the brand of Sieraden4Life.nl) the stream of euro’s finds its way back to Kenya with which salaries and school tuition can be paid.

SCM EXECUTIVES also actively supports foundation JINC

JINC is a non profit organization which is financed mainly by business industry. About 1.000 companies contribute (financially) to realize projects and provide availability for their employees to volunteer, for example as trainer or as coach. The experience is that the expertise of professionals inspires young adults.

SCM Executives is JINC's partner and delivers an active contribution by working as volunteers for several projects. Furthermore, the connection with JINC has also contributed greatly with setting up a number of projects with children in Kenya for S4L.