We are SCM Executives

Executive Search

Since 2005 SCM is the preferred executive search partner for senior supply chain, logistics and manufacturing management positions. Our business advisory ensures the perfect match. We believe that in our industry people are the most valuable asset. The right person can make a difference in your success. Therefore we offer a unique 360⁰ approach rather than headhunting only. Our mission is to understand your organization, market position, culture and deliver the right candidate.

We have years of industry experience and know the logistics- and supply chain market intimately. Meaning we have the experience, intuition and know-how to introduce the right senior candidates for key positions within your company.


Strategic Consultancy

With an industry accelerating so fast and facing a new era of technology development, it is more important than ever to make the right strategic decisions and position your company at the front end of the market. SCM Strategic Consultancy helps international freight forwarding and logistic companies to explore their global business opportunities.

Our strategic consultants fulfilled senior executive positions at some of the largest freight forwarding companies in the world. Meaning they can share their personal knowledge and bring years of business experience and an unrivalled international network to the table.