The SCM Online Platform

The SCM online platform offers a structured overview of the progress and corresponding developments during the entire Executive Search process.

What to expect?

  • Process arrangements – A brief overview of agreed decisions such as: terms of employment, planning and involvement of several stakeholders;
  • Contractual terms SCM – A summary of the contractual arrangements between your company and SCM is shared online;
  • Results of the 360° approach – A summary of the key findings with regard to your organization, culture, and associated challenges. This consequently results in a a concrete description of the ideal candidate;
  • SCM job profile – A custom made job profile, which we share online before approaching potentially suitable candidates;
  • Weekly update – During the search process, you are kept up-to-date on a weekly basis through the platform. Naturally, we regularly provide personal feedback;
  • Presentation shortlist – The final shortlist is presented to you in a personal session, after which it will be shown online. In this way, you can look up the candidates during the interview process. You will see practical details, the CV, and content/personal fit.