IT within Supply Chain & Logistics

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) within Supply Chain and Logistics is becoming a crucial factor for companies that want to gain a competitive advantage over others. Through the predictive analysis and processing of big data and with the adoption of cloud computing and storage, companies are able to improve their decision-making processes, marketing activities, customer support and resource management.

Today, innovation and Information Technology are at a greater importance than ever before. Needless to say, that senior positions in IT have become essential for companies in Supply Chain and Logistics to keep up with the trends and developments on the market, such as fully automated warehouses, robotics, the latest Warehouse Managements Systems (WMS) and Transportation Management Systems (TMS).

SCM Executives understands that there is a tremendous need for identifying and attracting senior IT professionals to the Supply Chain and Logistics markets. Therefore, we offer our expertise in filling senior positions related to technology. By creating talent pools for the various IT roles within the industry, we are able to quickly allocate the right people.

Within our executive search product we choose not to publish our currently active assignments on our website. Below are examples of functions that were filled in the past. Therefore, these positions are no longer open. If you are curious about what other positions we worked on, please, feel free to contact us.